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How can I give you a donation?

Please provide it in an envelope and hand it to me as soon as we meet or set it on a counter or table. Some simply prefer to leave it in the bathroom in plain sight. This ensures that we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each others company!

Is there any extras I could do?

If you're looking for a specific type of experience when making a request please use acceptable terms to explain what you're looking for. I will reply as soon as I can

What are your expectation of me?

I expect you to present me with my fees at the commencement of each appointment. If we are in public, please be discreet and a small gift bag. I expect that you be a gentleman at all times and respect any boundaries I have. To make our date as enjoyable as possible, please be well groomed, freshly showered and have minty-fresh breath.

Do you travel?

Yes, you can check out my touring dates or if you wish to fly me to you (FMTY) you may simply book here or send a request to get more details.

Is there a fee for late night/overnight appointments?

Yes, that can range from $100 - $500 depends on what time of night.


(Anything between 11pm - 5am would be considered "late night")

Whats the best way to contact you?

Text messages are the fastest, however, my replies can take from 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending on my schedule at that time and email is the second best.

What type of verification or screening will I undergo?

Please present me your TER, P411 or PrivateDelight screening, references from ladies you’ve seen before, a LinkedIn or business card with a photo of you with today’s date. This is for screening purposes only and will be disregarded afterward 

What will you wear?

For dinner, I will always wear something sweet and sexy but never too much. Behind closed doors, the world is ours. I will have a beautiful lingerie set with heels or slut attire on for the more edgy clients.

How long would it take for you to respond to my inquiry for a date?

It typically takes 24-48 hours in that I have a career outside of the industry that dictates a big part of my time. I am overwhelmed in appointment requests, therefore, I ask for your patience and persistence. If I don’t reply, it means that your appointment request was either incomplete, or that it was lost in the hundreds of weekly inquiries.

What kind of non-dinner dates do you enjoy?

From concerts & movie premieres to sporting events, affluent auctions, horseback riding & sightseeing. Creating romance in the clouds as we caress in a hot air balloon to flirty fair days strolling arm in arm down the midway. Exhilarating helicopter rides and exotic car speedways that leave our pulses racing. Those wonderful theaters & museums where we can celebrate what was and what will be. Water sports, adventures and thrilling activites. Our time is truly our own to create and enjoy!

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